Mr. Bond

First of all, an update from yesterday’s lost flying pig. According to CNN news, Roger Water’s flying pig has been found a few miles from where it became untethered. Since then, I have canceled my plane ticket to California to search for it.

In other news, Immodium has launched a website that tracks places to go to the bathroom when you are traveling. I hope you find this information useful.

Today’s blog is about my favorite James Bond movie –
Casino Royale. This version features Daniel Craig as 007.

What I like about this particular movie is that it moves fast, doesn’t portray Bond as a candied up actor portraying a secret agent. In this feature length film, Mr. Bond is a hard hitting, take no prisoner regular guy who is on a mission that never really becomes clear in the movie.

The action is intense and the love scenes are minimal.
Although there is some gadgetry, it is downplayed.

The best part is he gets to wreck a perfectly good Aston Martin.
Overall I really liked the movie and I give it my “two thumbs up” for all Bond movies.

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What is your favorite Bond movie?