Mayday, Mayday!!

Tonights post is going to be short as I don’t have time to be long winded. It’s been a long day where most everything didn’t go quite right.

A couple of worthy news items you may want to know about:

Seems our good friends at Hewlett Packard have been busy solving theory.
According to an article in the NY Times, scientists at HP have discovered a 4th electrical circuit called a memristor. The theory of 4 circuit types has been around for a long time but until now, was just theory. What this means for us laypeople is a faster booting computer.

Also noteworthy is the disappointing revenue reported by Exxon. According to an article in the NY Times, their first quarter profits were ONLY $10.9 billion. I felt their pain today when I filled up my car with gas.

I feel your pain too and the only thing I can offer is a link to download my favorite FREE computer system cleaner – CCleaner

I turn on the cleaner after every computer use. It cleans out the registry, temp files, and has a great program uninstaller (far superior to the standard windows version).

Stay Clean!


2 thoughts on “Mayday, Mayday!!

  1. $10.9 billion. Big whoop. Bet the NY Slimes didn’t bother posting their expenses, or profit ratio. Wonder why? Could it be that their profit margin is within the average range for businesses in America?

  2. Actually, the NY Times reported net profit (revenue minus expenditures) at 10.9 billion.

    Compared to their revenue, it would be a 10% margin which is certainly relative to their respective industry.

    I just found it funny that the headlines said “disappointing”.

    I’m not a big exxon fan. Their are better oil companies to invest in. Exxon doesn’t really impress me because they are more like a bank than an oil company. They don’t reinvest toward any monumental oil research. Too many geezers running the show.

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