Blogging Idiocy

What can I say? I’m dense sometimes and tend to do things the hard way.

Since I’ve been at blogging a total of about a week now, I’ve been writing my posts all wrong. Since I know most of you are probably on a time frame (as I am myself), I choose to write the “gist” of my post on the main page and then have been linking to a page for the “rest of the story” so to speak.

Today I’m sitting at my computer composing another blog and I think to myself, this irritates me to no end to have to link my post to another page. It seems like a tremendous waste of time having to duplicate my post. Not to mention the formatting. I think, obviously this has to irritate other bloggers so why hasn’t anyone figured out a way to split a post so only a portion of the post shows up on the main page.

I start into the wordpress faq. Oh. There it is. There is a way to do it. Infact there is a button to push for stupid people like myself to split the post. I Wondered what that button was for….

Way back when I was in college, I took a computer class that was more or less an introduction to computer programming. In this class we studied the history of computer programming and the main assignment in the class was to move Karel the robot from point a to point b. How hard could it be?

Long story short, I got a C on this assignment. Even though I spent no less than a week in the computer lab, (I talked with some other students who completed the assignment in an evening) I was able to successfully move Karel from start to finish. In programming language, it was about 20 pages long. A few more than the 2 or 3 the other students had accomplished.

I’ll never forget my professors comments on my assignment:
“Glenn, I see you chose to move Karel by the brute force method. I’m glad you accomplished this assignment but had you paid attention to my lecture on Wednesday, you could have made this much easier on yourself.”

I will be editing all of my posts to the new split method so any comments that were made regarding those posts will be lost.

I’m no stranger to accomplishing a task even if it is by the brute force method.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Idiocy

  1. brute force! LOL.

    Karel the robot appreciated the effort.

    nice job.

  2. The Schlog wouldn’t keep his mouth shut.
    My roommate partied all night.
    Grundberg knows we only know |——-| that much.
    Who’s idea was it to bat golf balls down the hall at 2am?
    Nice mural Jay. Who could have known you knew how to paint ceilings so well.
    Sigma Non.

    No wonder it took me a week to get anything done.

    Gravity Force is alive and well and is now digitally remastered.

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