My War on Gas

$3.73/gallon is what I paid Shell yesterday. Analysts expect them to pocket a cool $5 billion.

And they should.

It stands to reason that if I have to pay more, they should make more. I have no problem with that logic. I’m a capitalist and believe in the free market. Infact, I could care less if they make $5 billion, $10 billion, (insert monetary value here). I’ve never really cared how much someone or some other company makes. More power to ’em.

What pisses me off is that I have to pay $3.73 for gas. Talk about inflation! Over the past two years, gas has went up some 60%. How many of you got a 60% pay raise in the past two years? I doubt things are going to get any better in terms of inflation. Fuel prices seem to drive the price of everything we consume. My advice is to join me and put on your combat boots. Let’s wage our own war on gas.

I started my own little war by purchasing a Toyota Prius back in November of ’07 when I got a new job that requires me to visit construction sites all over Oregon and Washington. I spend about 2 to 3 days a week on the road so I put a lot of miles on.

The Toyota Prius is a great little car. It seems everywhere I go, people are always asking how I like it. I love it! It’s very comfortable and has quite a bit of pep for a small litre engine. I’m probably a good test for the car because I would be called an average driver – meaning I drive at average speeds. As of now, I’m getting between 42 and 49 miles to the gallon. The car data says I’m getting 45.8 miles to the gallon.

To put it into dollars and cents, to fill up my Prius costs about $37 which gets me about 430 miles between fill-ups.

I give the Toyota Prius a BUY and consider it “gas combat worthy” and highly recommend that if you are going to purchase one, you visit my good friend Ken Kirby at Lum’s Auto in Astoria, OR.

So go out there and buy a Prius. This can be YOUR weapon of mass destruction against inflation and rising gas prices.


5 thoughts on “My War on Gas

  1. I was semi-joking with my union rep the other week. You know how some unions tie their pay scale to the minimum wage? So that when the minimum wage goes up, so does union pay? Well, I said our union should have the same thing … but tied to the price of gas.

    Of course, what you wind up with is an upward spiral whenever you tie wages to “the cost of living”. Wages go up, prices have to go up to cover that, which increases the “cost of living” … which sends you back to wages going up. And ’round and ’round it goes.

  2. As they say Walt, it’s a vicious circle.

    I can only fight fire with fire with the tools available.

  3. I say on the History Channel a few weeks ago that, in the 50’s or 60’s (I can’t remember exactly) one of the American car manufacturers developed a car using a turbine engine. Would use any flammable liquid as fuel.

    They decided not to put it in production because it didn’t have the speed, from a stop, that gasoline engines did.

    Now, if only someone could come up with a way to suck the oils of teenager’s faces and convert it to fuel … we could solve two problems at the same time. LOL

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