AVG 8 and News you can use

A piece of software everyone should own is an anti virus scanning software.

The fine folks at AVG have just recently released their updated FREE – AVG 8. I’m pretty paranoid about viruses on my ‘puter and run two anti virus programs – AVG and Lavasoft’s Ad Aware 2007.

A couple of other good programs to help the scanning process for spyware and other infiltrations include previously posted CCleaner and another of my favorites – Spybot

With all of this anti virus, malware, and spyware software, you can breathe a little easier as you search the web.

Elsewhere in the news includes a link to the worlds most expensive house. This is the worlds first Billion dollar house. Visit Forbes to get the skinny on this mansion.

The folks at the getrichslowly blog have been busy trying to figure out what to do with junk mail. According to their blog, they have decided it would be best to shred it and mulch their garden with it. I would be concerned about the slugs stealing my identity.

Over at the Energy Blog, news of the Tesla electric sportscar soon to be released is exciting news for those of us paying outrageous fuel prices.

Trust Me – Fox News features a report from Zion Illinois about a fella who wants to change his name.

From the campaign trail – Yesterday’s Kentucky Derby wasn’t without its own highs and lows. According to Time/CNN Hillary picked the second place horse for the win. Sometimes its not what you pick but how you said you picked it.


4 thoughts on “AVG 8 and News you can use

  1. Anybody reading this know about growing grapeseed and processing it into BioDiesel?

    As Glenn outlined in an earlier post fuel prices are now officially beyond unacceptable. How much land does it take to produce enough grapeseed to make enough biodiesel to offset the opportunity cost of the the land?

    I know the stuff grows like weed s. (Well maybe easier:-)

  2. I like AVG and trust in it but..

    whats with the logo?

    what are those wacky shapes? Technicolor combs? Are they supposed to be patches?

    I get the patches theme kind of . But Mama patching up the toughskins with multicolored rainbow scraps doesnt inspire confidence that my OS is protected. KWIS?

    Couldnt AVG sign up McGruff the Crime Dog or find some other outa work crimefighting superhero as a likeness? Anything but the combs. I know they dont want to scare Symantech out of business but give that logo another look. Am I missing something?

    Rastafarian Developers working out of Jamaica? I could go on but I wont.

  3. Maybe it’s supposed to be a play on Microsoft and how many patches it needs. Microsoft does that 4-color squares thing, doesn’t it?

    RE: Tesla car. Probably won’t see it in America, just as you won’t see the car using a compressed-air engine. It’s running in Europe, and has licensees in Canada and S America. But you won’t see it here, because it won’t meet crash-test standards.

  4. Gravity – Free is a good price. P-Tosh is on the playa.

    Uncle Walt – Never say never! Plug it in, Plug it in.

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