Quit Burning Our Food

Something is wrong. I mean, superduper wrong in a bad way.

You can’t pick up a paper, read a news blog, or watch the news on tv without hearing about rising food prices and world famine.

Why is the United States so bent on corn ethanol production? Why are we burning our food?

Somewhere along the way a politician had a great idea (ethanol production) to relieve our dependence on fossil fuels. Unfortunately for the world, someone had a bad idea to use corn. Cmon! The world could use this corn for the most basic survival. Eating. Think about it. If we could dedicate as much energy into feeding needy nations as we do in figuring out how to turn corn into fuel, it would have a profound effect on the world.

There are better ways to produce ethanol. I can think of two off the top of my head. Switchgrass and Poplar. The last time I checked, producing ethanol from either of these sources will not cause food prices to escalate.

The United States could be a real leader in green energy production and research. Maybe Exxon could step up to the plate and help. Or we can continue to pose as morons and burn our food.


3 thoughts on “Quit Burning Our Food

  1. Ethanol production is just one of the reasons for the high food prices. A couple other major reasons are droughts in Australia and elsewhere, wheat blight across Africa, and the Three Gorges Dam in China. Any of which by themselves wouldn’t raise prices too much. But when they all hit at the same time …

  2. Did you get to see King Corn on PBS two weeks ago? I’ve posted about food today. I agree with you. Ethanol is a waste.

  3. Guy – didn’t catch that one on PBS. I’ll keep an eye out for it.
    I don’t think ethanol is a waste as there are other types of fuel to process. Using a food supply just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Haven’t had time to read your post yet. I’m on my way over….

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