Wilkins The Emu

Living on a farm has its benefits. My family eats well. I guess the other benefit is the fact we are surrounded by different kinds of animals.

Wilkins the Emu is just one of the many animals on the farm. We have two pairs of emu’s on the farm. Emus are a bit different than the other animals though when it comes to caring for their young. While the female still lays the egg, it is the male that does all of the sitting.

The male emu will sit on the egg from when it is laid until hatched. I’ve never really counted the days but it’s a long time. It is rare to see the male leave the egg.

How did Wilkins get his name?

One day the Mayor of Astoria – The honorable Willis VanDusen was riding his Harley and decided to check in on the farm. He got the full tour from my then 5 year old daughter. He asked me which was the meanest animal on the farm. I pointed out an emu and told him not to turn his back on him. He likes to peck. Willis then asked what the emu’s name was. I told him that particular emu didn’t have a name.

Willis asked if he could name it Wilkins. And so it was.

Of the many animals on the farm, Wilkins is one of my favorites. He’s the only emu that lets people pet him and is friendly as far as emu’s go.

So if you are driving around Brownsmead in the future and spy an emu in the field, it’s a good chance you just spotted Wilkins The Emu.


4 thoughts on “Wilkins The Emu

  1. Too funny! There are a lot more political names to go around for future hatchlings. Roger would be good.

  2. After reading the letter to the editor in tonights paper from Don West (who is this guy?), I’m beginning to think he needs something named.

    What’s his deal picking on Cary? Cary’s a righteous dude.
    Dirk is my neighbor and is also a righteous dude.

    Way too much hate in the world. It’s real sad what Astoria is becoming. It never used to be like this.

  3. Who named Brownsmead? And was there actual mead involved?

    other comments-

    You can eat an Emu. Will you?


    I look at your bird and think big bird. BigBird.

    BigBird is an emu of some kind. Annoying as hell Sesame Street character. Just walked around asking dumb questions and dropping in uninvited and stirring sht up. Comfort wrecking sonofab**tch.

    Look at me on the hatewagon. And I dont even live in Astoria.

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