News of the Day

One redeeming thing about high fuel prices – Less traffic

Note to self: Do not drive erratically at a softball game. It seems our neigbors in Longview had some problems and took matters into their own hands after a driver decided to…SEE STORY

Who needs salmon? Apparently the good folks at the Wired Blog don’t. In this article, you can learn how to make caviar from carrots.

And finally, I don’t remember where I found this link but if you are on the go and don’t have a fax machine handy, this online FREE fax machine works great.


3 thoughts on “News of the Day

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  2. Personally, I haven’t needed salmon for years, or meat for that matter, though the rest of my family are carnivores through and through.

    No question we drive less, and we don’t drive much to start with, living in town. But trips to Longview? Portland? Even Seaside? Fewer and farther between. How I miss the trains!

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