Geezer Matt Metal Jammer

I recently caught up with an old bud from highschool. Haven’t really seen much of him since then but as fate would have it, we work in the same industry and our global pursuit of making your life better through structures has brought us together again. For now I’ll call him what he ain’t. Geezer. Infact if you saw him today, you’d swear he was 12. Matt is a great guitar player and as far as I know, can play every Blue Oyster Cult riff without reading the music. He worships the ground that the “More Cowbell” guy walks on.

Today there is not much happening with blogging. My brain is not blogly today. So, in my blogging absence, I want you readers to read what could be one of the funniest life stories I’ve read in awhile. Go HERE to read it.

Make sure to check in with Matt as needed.

In the news today:

In case you are wondering where your stimulus payment is, the good folks over at the Consumerist Blog can help you.

If you are involved in war combat, remember to turn your keylock on your cell phone. Seems this soldier freaked his parents out.

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3 thoughts on “Geezer Matt Metal Jammer

  1. You look like your 22.
    When you were 15, you looked like an embryo.
    Do you still get carded? heh heh

  2. LOL. Nope. But there once was a time I was cruising around Astoria in my Ford Gran Torino (remember that car?). A cop pulled me over and asked if I was old enough to drive. I was 19.

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