A Busy Weekend

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there. A personal Happy Mother’s day to my mother, my wife, and Muriel. You are all the very special mothers in my life.

A very busy weekend it was. Yesterday was my wife’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ange. She got a new digital camera for her birthday. She has been using a film camera until now (her choice not mine). A few months ago she informed me Costco was no longer supporting film developing. Welcome to the digital age honey.

Today of course is Mother’s day and another very special event – My daughter’s first communion. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Catholics, this special day is right up there in importance with being baptized. It’s a family event and most of my family was there to help celebrate. Congratulations Emma, I’m so proud of you.

Since my wife doesn’t spend a lot of time on the computer, I had to make the digital picture download experience as easy as possible. The software that comes with the camera is not exactly straight forward, so I began a web search to find an easy way to perform this.

I’m not sure about other versions of windows but this method works with XP. Note: Your camera needs to be plugged in for this to work.
1. Start
2. My Computer
3. Right click on Camera
4. Properties
5. Events
6. Click the radio button to automatically download to folder
7. I click the label folder option with date

Now every time you plug your camera in, it automatically downloads the files into the folder.

Being a tag junky, I like to tag all of my photos. Infact, I like to tag everything. I’m slowly moving away from folders and toward the tag system. Since tagging hasn’t really caught on yet, most photo organization software isn’t set up for tagging. The fine folks at Microsoft (can you believe it?) have a FREE product out called Microsoft Live Photo Gallery. It is actually a great piece of software that catalogs your digital pictures. The best part about it, you can tag your pictures.


4 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend

  1. Thanks Matt! Saw your dad there yesterday. He helped make the morning special.

  2. I cannot believe your darling E has had her first communion! I cried when my daughter had hers, it was so emotional and for us, a right of passage…..

    One more to go in a few years, huh?

  3. Yep, my other darling girl D is almost three now so she still has a few years yet. It’s these moments that make life worth living!!

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