The Day The Music Lived – 1990’s

The 1990’s presented a music shift in rock n roll. In my lifetime, the music of the 90’s was the most inspirational. Music in the 90’s was fun and fresh. The day music changed was (in my opinion) on September 1st with the release of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Nirvana was the death nail for hair bands and 80’s pop rock. Like I said, fresh. The 90’s introduced some great new talents. Rock music was now forever changed and sent us in search of the nearest mosh pit.

Let’s now revisit The Day the Music Lived – 1990’s

1990 –
Violator – Depeche Mode
Manners and Physique – Adam Ant
Journeyman – Eric Clapton
Ragged Glory – Neil Young
Empire – Queensryche
Barrett – Syd Barrett
Madcap Laughs – Syd Barrett

1991 –
Doubt – Jesus Jones
Nevermind – Nirvana
Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Facelift – Alice in Chains
Kill Uncle – Morrissey
Bad Motorfinger – Soundgarden

1992 –
Amused to Death – Roger Waters
Blind Melon
Core – Stone Temple Pilots
Your Arsenal – Morrissey

1993 –
This Time – Dwight Yoakum
Elemental – Tears for Fears
Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid – Collective Soul
Zooropa – U2
Sister Sweetly – Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Dusk – The The
Siamese Dream – Smashing Pumpkins
In Utero – Nirvana

1994 –
Division Bell – Pink Floyd
Dirt – Alice in Chains
Jar of Flies – Alice in Chains
Superunknown – Soundgarden
Downward Spiral – Nine Inch Nails
Vauxhall and I – Morrissey
Purple – Stone Temple Pilots
Definitely Maybe – Oasis
Strategem – Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Dookie – Green Day

1995 –
Sixteen Stone – Bush
Collective Soul
Forever Blue – Chris Issac
Alice in Chains
Southpaw Grammer – Morrissey
What’s the Story, Morning Glory – Oasis
Insomniac – Green Day
Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morrisette

1996 –
Beautiful Freak – The Eels
Tiny Music – Stone Temple Pilots
Down on the Upside – Soundgarden
Baja Sessions – Chris Isaac
Recovering the Satellites – Counting Crows
Razorblade Suitcase – Bush
Sheryl Crow

1997 –
Be Here Now – Oasis
Pop – U2
Outside – David Bowie
Beautiful World – Big Head Todd and the Monsters

1998 –
Version 2.0 – Garbage
Electro Shock Blues – The Eels

1999 –
Supernatural – Santana
NO 4 – Stone Temple Pilots
The Science of Things – Bush

Coming Soon – The 2000’s


10 thoughts on “The Day The Music Lived – 1990’s

  1. G – that’s some good music, but I like most any kind of music except contemporary christian.

    PS, I would pay top dollar for a photo of G anywhere near a mosh pit. !

  2. Thank God my days in the mosh pit were before digital cameras.
    I’m not aware of any pics in existance of my mosh days.

    I will say, until you have done a stage dive, you haven’t really lived. 🙂

  3. The link in the post above is me getting my head moshed by this chicks ass at the Salem Armory during the ’92 Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit show. (If you look closely you can see me getting my revenge).

    Ahh the nineties.

    It was a good show but Cobain was trying to be a robot that night. We didnt care because we GOT IT.

    Not sure now what IT was but I could have told you then. Narfing himself with a shotgun=bad move in my opinion. Guy was not through making music for people in my opinion.

  4. Gravity – Excellent!

    Jennie – Gravity and I were never far away from each other in those days (and if we were, we were together in spirit). The mosh was tame compared to our roustings. Use your imagination.

  5. i agree 100% some of the best bands and their music was from the 90s AIC, Nirvana(my favorite) pearl jam(i dont see anywhere on your list =[) soundgarden stone temple pilots ahh nostolgia already lmao

  6. I listened a bit to Pearl Jam but never really got into them. I don’t know why. They were an instrumental part of the movement.

    The only 90’s remnants (as far as grunge goes) that I still listen to are Nirvana and Soundgarden. I’m an avid fan of Chris Cornell and have all of his post soundgarden stuff.

    I wish Scott Wyland and Slash got along better. I never tire of Velvet Revolver.

  7. gravity:
    you forgot to add resistance usually ended up with someone getting their ass kicked – or at least a little bit of beer spilled on them.

    is it thirsty thursday yet?

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