It’s RSS day

I knew blogging was going to start impacting my time. Now the challenge isn’t really blogging at all. It’s keeping up with everyone else’s blog. Since I’m somewhat of a gadget and software junkie, I need to read all those blogs.

Then there’s the local area bloggers (LOB’s). If I miss a post from Guy’s blog, I’m always left with the feeling I’m missing something terribly important. My next stop usually includes NCO, which of course links to more blogs, which of course I have to read. I guess you could say NCO is kind of a blogging hub for me. Thanks Tryan, I’ll blame all of this time escape on you.

So today after doing extensive research at yet another of my favorite blog’s – Lifehacker, I am going to set up an RSS feed reader. After pouring over all of the comments at a recent RSS article, I’ve landed on Google Reader. This is a good choice for me as I am a google whore and use pretty much google everything.

On the newsfront today:

This phone is so stupid it’s funny. Visualize yourself using one of these phones and I suspect you’ll be laughing as hard as I am.

I’ve made no secret my war on gas. I’m still mad I have to pay so much for fuel. I drive a prius and invest in oil stocks but I’m still mad. The good folks at GM are making headway and have crossed a major milestone toward creating an electric powered car that could be mainstream by 2010. Plug it in Baby!

And speaking high gas prices, just as my luck would have it, I was not in Federal Way Washington on Friday. Apparently, a few lucky individuals paid less than the going rate for fuel.

Firefox 3 RC-1 has been released finally. This is good news for us Firefox users as the final product should be due to release in June. I’m waiting for the full meal deal myself. Although I am heavily tempted to download RC-1.


3 thoughts on “It’s RSS day

  1. I still say forget Electric Cars … and go with the compressed-air-powered engine. It’s a proven technology that’s been around for over 100 years, and is being used in Europe. How many people have air compressors in their garage, that could be used to “fill up” the tank? Not to mention the possible “emergency fueling” using a compressor plugged in to the cigarette lighter.

  2. I’d worry about an air leak. I’ve had to much trouble with air brakes not to mention how troubling an air engine could be.

  3. Curious but what RSS feed reader do you all use?

    This is my first day with Google Reader and it does everything I need. I’m extremely happy with it.

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