Lessor Known Things

I’ve been celebrating all day. It’s the 135th anniversary of my favorite worn out jeans, Levi Strauss. Doesn’t take much for me to celebrate these days.

The creepy guy from Star Wars is back. The worst part of this bit of news is he looks exactly like Bill Gates. I have to give this story two thumbs way up in the coolness category.

Do you follow what is tallest? I do. As of right here and right now, this is tallest. Very informative tall website.

del.icio.us is a cool new tool in the quiver. As a guy who is on the road constantly, I need to be able to access my web bookmarks from foreign computers sometimes. It works nicely I might add.

To go along with my delicious type bookmarks, I also keep my online passwords locked up at a place called Clipperz. Although the word is this place is completely safe for you to lock up your digital world, I haven’t yet had the guts to place any accounts that have to do with money there. Check it out. It’s a cool tool.


7 thoughts on “Lessor Known Things

  1. Thanks for the kind mention of Clipperz!

    Few days ago we announced Clipperz Community Edition: a downloadable package that offers same features of the online service. Now you can host Clipperz password manager on your MySQL/PHP enabled server.

    Most importantly Clipperz Community Edition is the only online password manager to be released under an open source license. Clipperz source code has been always available, but now you can actually play with it on your own hardware!

    Clipperz co-founder

  2. That’s good to hear Marco. With everything headed towards a web based environment, it’s good to know you guys are on top of your game. I researched this type of technology in depth and am convinced your technology (although still very new) is at the forefront of digital online protection.

    Good luck in your development of Clipperz! I’m a faithful follower.

  3. That clipperz looks useful. I will bookmark that and look at it later. Thanks Gleen. (Any a-rab trouble lately?)

    by the way- for the annoyance passwords (non financial websites that want strong passwords etc) I just write the login/password info into the name or properties of the bookmark so I dont have to remember them 3 months from now. I conducted much research into cylindrical THC objects in the last millenium and I discovered that its not what you remember that matters, its how you avoid forgetting:-0

  4. No a-rab troubles lately. Infact, the last a-rab problem I had was leaving a party in corn valley getting kicked down the stairs and someone threatening to grab an AK.

    Moments later I recall the PO-lice asking a few questions.
    BTW, it was syd the cylindrical if I remember right.

    What was I saying? I hope I stored it at Clipperz.

  5. those dudes were PISSED! LOL

    hmmm I wish I remembered what we did to set them off that way?


  6. I thought it was rude of them that we had to dance with all of the girls and drink all of the beer.

    I sure miss playing green death chug basketball off your neighbors balcony.

    We really need to get together one of these days. I’m gonna be starting a project down in the pearl in a coupla weeks. My first LEED project. We’ll have to connect. I’m buying. Youcantsayno.

  7. G: defintely on it!

    I think the most surreal moment I encountered in C-town is when G and me were running without sleep a couple three days in a row, not even bothering to burn it just eating dank wholesale and walking around looking at things and all of a sudden this parade materialized around us. A freaking parade in the street. For no reason that either of us could tell. I am Not sure that really happened.

    And you were talking about The Van. Kevin Space Clown also had a van. I kicked his van once after he destroyed my new cylinder and then he tried to assault me so I hit him in the ear whereupon he had to go stay in the infirmary. Again the corvallis police were briefly involved. I think G had his own roust with Kevin Space Clown too. The previous millenium was full of them.

    I am making a daily stop in here every day for the great links. Keep em coming. Check out the comments to the star wars art. I laughed out loud.

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