Happy Belated Birthday Mr. T

I was tired yesterday so I didn’t get around to posting yesterdays post. Better late than never I guess. One of my favorite shows while growing up was The A-Team.

My good friend and former college roommate Gravity had a run in with Mr. T at the airport during winter break one year. Gravity approached him (we were always approaching someone for a good story) and Mr. T called him a fool or something. It wasn’t much of a story but Gravity will always be the Mr. T honorable fool I guess.

One of my favorite Mr. T quotes – When I was growing up, my family was so poor we couldn’t afford to pay attention.

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. T

For you Terminator fans, guess who’s back? Yep, the tall red eyed shiny guy.

I didn’t realize it but I’m a chick magnet. Well, at least my Prius is. Honey, if you are reading this, I promise not to wash my car for a week.


5 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday Mr. T

  1. You tell no lies Honorable G…

    In the previous milllenium I had occasion to board a flight from Toronto to Chicago.
    Before the plane boarded passengers were assembling near the gate, waiting for the doors to open. I was late and went to check in with the ticket agent. I was told that due to some unaccounted piece of luck my lateness had gotten me bumped from coach into First Class. I didnt argue and instead took the seat assignments in good humor.

    Thats when I saw Mr. T.

    T (I call him that now because I have told this story so many times that Mr T seems like an aquaintance to me now. He is probably quite tired of being trundled around in my bag of tired stories but thats just tough) T was just sitting there in those dumb airport chairs trying to look anonymous. With huge gold chains rings on every finger and the T hair. Just sitting there looking straight ahead about ten feet away.

    Well shit I remembering muttering to myself- that looks exactly like Mr. T. After I caught myself staring I casually moved toward the gate a little and then they actually started letting canadians and regular people on the plane. I took one last look at Mr T and then got on the plane myself. I didnt even consider that T would be riding in the sky with me until Hey there he is again! he walks right in and sits down across the aisle from me next to the window!

    We were the only people in first class that day. Damn that felt classy. Me and T!

    It was a struggle to not want to chat T up during the flight. But everytime I looked over there T was just looking, looking out the window like he was on a mission waiting for George Peppard to show with up on the wing with the nitroglycerine.

    No one asked him for autographs, nobody hassled him with pictures. The flight attendants left him alone. As we started our descent into Chicago I started to feel a little ripped off.

    As G and others can attest I cant help myself.

    I run my mouth a little in strange situations, or maybe to create strange situations. Anyway I was going to say something to Mr T or he wasnt getting off the plane. But what i said wasnt clever or even really effective. What I said as the pilot began yet another steep banked turn waiting in line for a runway at massive O’hare:

    “Damn this pilot I pity the fool”

    The first time I said it wasnt loud enough so I said it again.

    I think T grunted a little bit.

  2. I agree Denise. I vote for The Rock as the new Terminator. For some reason Christian Bale just doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Heck, for that matter, why no the newly evolved Robert Downey Jr?

  3. My son loves Mr. T. i didn’t realize it was his birthday recently.
    Happy Birthday, T, and congrats to Gravity on being a celebrity-by-proximity.

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