According to statistics, my blog readership should be way up today.

If it’s not, I may be on to something really really big.

I remember back when I was a sophomore in high school, a required class we had to take was sex education which was part of the bigger picture called “Health”. Remembering back, the teacher wrote those famous three letters on the chalkboard during class one day. Of course everyone chuckled and snickered. The class clowns had a heyday with it.

So why Sex? Why not. This week has been newsworthy with various sex related articles.

Sex in the news:

Ex Terminator and present Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger (I had to copy and paste his last name) sez it is good for the economy of California. The political winds are clearly blowing for the Governator as in years past, he has twice voted against gay marriage. Future Prez, John McCain disagrees and rankled Oprah wannabee, Ellen Degeneres.

In sex related mixups, Thomas Beatie has become the worlds first pregnant man. The mixup is his because he keeps peeing on the stick and no red line. I think he’s in denial. Hang in there Thomas. You only have 7 months left.

It’s a good thang Auntie L is back blogging again. In her recent post, she documents a “meeting” where flying penises are everywhere. Sources close to me have revealed that “meeting” was actually a family reunion which Auntie L attended.

How about sexual innuendo barbecuing? One of my favorite websites has the howto on all things bbq.

Well, that’s it for today. I have hotdogs to cook.


4 thoughts on “Sex

  1. I wonder if we would be so attracted to the word “SEX” if the X were replaced with another letter?

  2. This post is kind of an experiment (thanks for being a subject).

    I wanted to see how a title or word would affect blog stats. Not to mention I had to have a segway to my sex related news articles!

    SEM would not have worked for this particular experiment. At least I don’t think it would.
    The experiment was to see how much traffic is generated from the outside world who doesn’t know the blog exists. So far it hasn’t really affected the stats much. I’m up about 10% or so from normal.

  3. Yeah, it was a great meeting/reunion. Actually the family was pretty dour for awhile until someone unleashed the airborne “members.”

    Then we had hot dogs to eat.

    The End

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