Make Mine Hybrid

I drive a Prius and I love it. Earlier this week, I found out I’m riding around in a chick magnet. With fuel prices going up and up and up, I’m always looking for a better way to stick it to the man.

Hybrid technology is great. All electric is greater. Necessity breeds invention and major automakers are starting to finally pave the way toward saving us from our reliance on traditional fossil fuel technology.

I’m not one of those people who thinks all capitalists and corporations are the root of all evil. Far from it. I believe those capitalists and corporations employ the greater amount of our population. Employment is a good thing.

That being said, I embrace renewable energy and especially the concept of an all electric car. It wasn’t long ago I embraced the renewable fuels like corn ethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, etc. The more I looked into it, the less I could believe that these sources of fuel could go mainstream anytime soon. I firmly believe corn ethanol production is a waste of food and energy and will be a has been in the next 5 years. Ethanol – yes. From corn – NO! There are other resources that can be better utilized for making ethanol.

The first place I want to lead you to is from the inhabitat site. Although this article is about a hybrid, the real news is in the technology and where it’s leading.

Next on the list is from the Green Energy Blog, also a hybrid with inspiring technology.

As reported in an earlier post, the folks at GM are working on an all electric technology as well.

On the Hydrogen front, Honda is going mainstream next year with the FCX. They are planning a limited release in California this summer but as of now, the grid of fill up stations is seriously limited.

And finally, a useful gas price checker widgit brought via the ultra cool website Jalopnik.


2 thoughts on “Make Mine Hybrid

  1. Years ago, I read CA was thinking of making electric-vehicle-friendly highways. Basically, the roads looked like giant versions of those electric slot car tracks. Seriously. Your electric vehicle would be charged by these “special” roads, while driving on them. Not a bad concept … if you’re designing roads from scratch.

    But I guess it got shelved when they figured out they didn’t have anywhere to put these new roads, and converting existing ones would cost their economy too much.

  2. Yeah, cost is everything. To implement such a plan would be costly to say the least. Now we just have to get the government behind it.

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