Did You Ever Hear The One About…

As a guy who grew up in the construction industry, I was always around someone who had the latest joke. I’m sure you know someone who always has a joke to tell. How about those joke tellers that have to tell you a joke that he’s already told you. I’m not stereotyping joke tellers but it is rare that I’ve heard a female tell a good dirty joke. Anyway, I’m a good listener and even if it’s the 5th time I’ve heard the joke, I’ll sit and listen (and laugh) like it’s the first time.

A superintendent I used to work for was one of these kind of guys. He had method to his madness though. He’d usually call me over to tell me a joke after which he would say “g, can you grab a shovel and dig up that sewer line?” I guess he was buttering me up to soften the blow of digging.

We all had this super’s number though. At lunch time, he’d start telling a joke and we would discreetly hold up our fingers for the number of times we’d heard him tell this particular joke. We’d be laughing at each other holding our fingers up before he got to the punch line. Wonder if he ever caught on….?

I personally like short crude jokes.
Marvelous told it best:
Why did the pervert cross the road?
Because his d*ck was stuck in the chicken.

In my crazy world today:

We celebrated a major event on Memorial day. It took me this long to play catchup. On 5-26 in 1908, oil was discovered in the Middle East. Now if we can just get the Terminator to go back in time and make things right. It is rumored Exxon now celebrates it’s christmas on May 26th.

Does a bear sh*t in the woods? If he had one of these he darn sure would. Coming soon to the woods near you.

The poor souls at spacestation could have used the product above. Bummer.

The most excellent researchers over at Gizmodo have discovered the REAL truth to the search for the Titanic. Wrong haystack, wrong needle. I suppose next they’ll be telling us the Titanic sunk because of an iceberg. What was that? It did? Oh. Nevermind.


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