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It was a typical Sunday today. Woke up, went to church, breakfast at the church, came home, watched the kids.

I thought about mowing the lawn today but I did it yesterday. I was real irritated when I had to put gas in the mower. I’m tired of putting gas in the mower. Lifehacker is again putting strange ideas in my head. It’s about the sun stoopid.

Another sunny idea comes from CNN news. This may cost a few bucks to develop but I like it.

For those of you engaged in calling people names on your blogs – think again.
A highschool senior who is also a high ranking student council person had some not so kind words of a school official.

Any John Madden fans out there? The guy has been around as long as the sport of Football. Ebaum has a post with some very funny audio with some Madden impressions.

Next time you are shopping, don’t forget your phone camera. The busy bodies over at Android are making sure you get the best price.

You are on this list. Trust me.

And finally, the internet is going to end in 2012. If you are a joiner, say, when you are done trying to prevent the evil LNG from coming here, you can join these guys. Just make sure to steer clear of the impending comet that will crash into the earth (after the LNG explodes of course).


3 thoughts on “Crazy G News

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  2. Heh heh. All the anti-LNG folks can’t read your post just now–they’re too busy turning up their heat. I don’t want to see a lick of power being used in any anti-LNG household. Not one bulb. Otherwise, they’re hypocritical, no?

  3. I’m not a good one to ask. I think the whole anti LNG thing is bizarre.

    Almost like a cult.


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