No Time

No time to blog. It’s not writers block. I just don’t have time. I have a list of things to blog about that I’ve made. No time to write them down. So my blog tonight is to tell you I’m too busy to blog.

Please be understanding and accept my super cool news links to make up for my lack of time. Those with lives should understand my dilemma.. Those without lives….GET A LIFE!

Today I’m super pissed about high healthcare insurance costs and fuel prices. In the very near future, I will be blogging about insurance. For those of you who are out of pocket for health insurance (meaning your employer doesn’t pick up the tab), I’m sure you are well aware of my plight. My employer picks up my insurance but not my family’s. Having been an employer, I completely understand why my employer doesn’t pick up the family.

Ok, since I promised not to blog tonight, I’ll shut up.

Thanks to RSS news feeds [via Google Reader] I pass on to you all my very cool links from the outside world.

Sign me up for one of these now. I can afford it by going without family health insurance for 10 months. Up up and away in my beautiful bal..I mean, car.

Why do you want the car above? Because you will be on the list for one of these.

I’ve always been a fan of long distance wi-fi. I’m one of those dudes who would like to set up an affordable wi-fi for my whole neighborhood. Affordable has always been the issue. Not anymore

This is a cool website about testing things in the water. Hydrokinetics that is.

Are you human? Well are you, punk? Go here to find out.

And to end this lack of time blog, I downloaded a most useful plugin for gmail today. Check it out at Lifehacker. Firefox only.


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