This is NOT an i-phone Blog

I absolutely positively was not going to post tonight. Then I visited Lifehacker and decided I had to link to the coolest reason to get an I-Phone.

Coming soon to an I-Phone near you is Location Awareness. Location Awareness is not a good buzz word and the good folks who brought you OS-X need to coin this phrase soon before someone else does. Check out the article. Wayyyyy Cool. Now I just need to get an iphone.

Some pretty cool happenings from the Renewable Energy department:

We’re fortunate here in America to be able to go to the bathroom inside. In India and many other 3rd world countries, they aren’t as fortunate. Not to mention the poverty of these nations. Indian company Sintex hopes to help in both those departments. According to this article, Sintex has invented or better yet, improved an age old composting idea with making it affordable to compost human waste and turn it into methane. Then what? You guessed it, heat your home, cook your meals. [VIA THE GREEN ENERGY BLOG]

Irv really cares. Remember that commercial? Irv was a car salesman when I was younger. Anyway, this particular IRV has a great article on why gas is over $4/gallon and why Prius sales are down a whopping 40%!!! I checked Craigslist today to see how much used Prius’ are going for. Holy Cow! I could actually sell mine for a profit.

And finally, don’t throw out those perfectly good plastic eating utensils after you barbeque. Make light fixtures with them and help save the planet.