My First LEED Project!

I’ve been absent from having much time to blog lately. For good reason. I’ve been working on pricing a project for a client in downtown PDX. The Louisa is an apartment complex in the Pearl District that was built in 2005 to LEED standards. They are now wanting to remodel the first and second floor lobbies and the company I work for has been selected to do the work. All of the remodel work that is performed must be done to the same LEED standards that is currently in place in the building. It’s been a fruitful week to say the least and I’m excited to begin the work!

This has truly been the week of the i-phone. I surf many a tech site and almost every article has something to do with the latest gadget from the folks who brought you the OS-X. Good for them. Move over Mr. Steven Jobs. The greatest invention ever known to man has been invented by a Vietnam based robot toy company. It is the world’s first (drum role please) Remote Controlled Tire. It’s uses are obviously endless and will revolutionize the world as we know it. I’ll take four please. Ok.

You think health insurance is high now? Wait until this addiction gets “accepted”. The horror, the horror.

I haven’t posted a link to good free software in awhile. I recently tried out a few keepers:
The first is from Bill Mullins Blog and it’s called Hazard Shield
The second is a file recovery program to undelete files you thought were otherwise gone forever – Recuva which is from the same folks who brought you CCleaner

And lastly, since this is the day of my first LEED project announcement (and certainly not my last), I must send you to my favorite eco-friendly site Inhabitat. Half motorbike and half car. Very cool design. I sense we are going to be seeing some very cool eco friendly vehicles coming out in the very near future.


4 thoughts on “My First LEED Project!

  1. I think that one of the LEED regulations should be that one isn’t allowed to remodel a three year old building. What a waste! Remodeling usually has more to do with cosmetics rather than function. So all that stuff that was put in there three years ago will be removed and replaced.

    It’s just funny how in Europe there are buildings that are 500 years old that are durable and functional and here we replace our buildings like they are disposable.

  2. Most of it is cosmetic (replacing worn carpet, paint). The other part of the project has to do with creating a more open atmosphere in the lobbies. When the building was built, the managers offices on the two floors are cramped and without any natural light. We are going in and tearing out sections of walls and replacing with obscure glass.

  3. I wonder if the company could sell that “hybrid motorbike/car” in the USA, as a “covered motorcycle”. That’s the only way I could see them being able to sell it here, since it obviously wouldn’t meet crash-safety standards.

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