Are You Organized?

It wasn’t so long ago I had a very cluttered pc desktop. I would leave the center of my screen open and line all of my most used icons around the perimeter of the screen. Then I’d download stuff to the desktop and before you know it, my desktop would be nearly unusable.

I’m one of those who uses the desktop as ground zero. Anything that goes anywhere must first pass via the desktop. It’s how I’ve always done it.

That was then, this is now.
I’m embarking on a more organized pc life and the first thing I did was clear every single icon off my desktop. Except for one. The recycle bin because it is a handy place to have the recycle bin.


I primarily use my quick launch tool bar at the bottom for my 6 most frequently used icons. I still have my outlook icon at the bottom but for my personal computing, I’ve switched to my gmail account so outlook at home is becoming obsolete.

Another useful icon is what I call my desktop icon which is actually a folder with all of my old desktop items in it. You see, because I’m still lost without my desktop, I needed to put all of those icons somewhere in some order so I know right where to go to get them. What can I say, I’m conditioned. My desktop icon is also in my quick launch toolbar.

A function I stumbled on a long time ago but haven’t really used is to set up a dock (in my case the right hand side) that pops out when you mouse over it.


Most geeky people know about the dock that is part of XP systems. In case you don’t, I’ll give you a play by play (it’s really simple geekiness) on how to dock your Dock.

#1 – Make a folder in My Documents called Dock
#2 – Load whatever icons you use a lot of into that folder (I loaded four of my most used icons)
#3 – Right click the taskbar and make sure “Lock Toolbar” is not checked
#4 – Right click the taskbar again and select toolbars, new toolbar
#5 – When prompted, select the Dock folder you created in My Documents
#6 – You now have a toolbar called Dock in your taskbar
#7 – Left click where it says Dock and drag it to the top, right, or left of your screen (whichever you prefer). If you did it right, you docked your dock.
#8 – Right click on your new dock and select autohide toolbar and choose whether you want big icons or small icons. Anytime you want to add stuff to it, just add them to the folder that you called Dock in My documents and they will magically show up in your Dock.

If you need help, ask away and I’ll try to make it clear for you.


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