Coal Fired Pink Floyd Connection

It’s not every day you can connect several dots that in most peoples mind could never be connected. If you are a Pink Floyd fan (and I know deep down you are), then you are going to recognize what I am about to show you.

On the critically acclaimed Animals Album, the Battersea coal fired power plant is featured on the cover.

Fast forward about 30 years and look at what is planned to take it’s place:


Yes, people of the blogoshpere, an eco dome.

Mercedes is doing the right thing. To heck with fossil fuel. Who needs it.

We don’t need fossil fuel. Mercedes knows it and so does big oil. Or rather, big Hydrogen that is. Weel, not exactly. I don’t know for sure that LNG is fossil fuel. Big oil is betting on it to move away from oil and toward hydrogen. How molecular.

This kid has watched way too much Ferris Bueller and War Games. Mebbe it’s just a fascination with Mathew Broderick. Anyway, this kid is in huge trouble for, uh, well, a lot of things. Check it out.

I knew the time would come when I had to acknowledge my 250 mb Zip drive is obsolete. Do you think it’s time to buy a new computer when a storage drive becomes obsolete? Can you tell my wife please? I really want to overclock something. All the cool kids are doing it. Over at Gizmodo is a story about obsolete storage devices.


3 thoughts on “Coal Fired Pink Floyd Connection

  1. LNG is a fossil fuel. LNG=Liquid Natural Gas

    I’ve always loved the building on the cover of that album. I never bothered to see where it was.

  2. Pril: It’s Liquefied.

    I’m an expert.

    That’s why I blog.

    Battersea along the Thames. Hope and despair.
    A dogs home.

    You better watch out, there maybe dogs about.
    Get out of the road if you want to grow old.

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