The Noisy Hybrid

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Goes without saying, right? Yeah. Right.

There is a fight going on in the world of hybrids in that hybrids are too quiet. I can understand this argument. When I used to partake in Harley riding, the first thing I did was install the loudest exhaust made (Thunderheaders). I got a lot of dirty looks for being loud, but I didn’t get killed by a cage.

I thought the obvious fix for a quiet hybrid would be to install loud exhaust pipes. Wouldn’t work. You see, like my Prius, the electric hybrid gas part of the motor turns off when you are idling or going very slow. As you pick up speed, the gas motor kicks in and you get NOISE.

Over at Autoblog Green, they have come up with a novel concept to create noise. If only everything in life could be so simple.

TV’s keep getting bigger. Sharp has just introduced a 108″ LCD TV for a whopping $185,000. If I did the math correct, that’s a mere $1713 per diagonal inch. I figure I can buy one or continue to live in my house. I’m still thinking about it.

You want a Chevy Volt by 2010? Sorry. It seems GM is having the same problem the Prius is experiencing now. Too many buyers and not enough cars. I want a Volt. Plug it in!

Are you a Big Lebowski fan? I thought so. Well, you too can now own “The Dude” and his partners in crime ala action figure. I wonder if they make Kramer from Seinfeld?

And finally, I haven’t had much time to demo free software in awhile (other than the most excellent Firefox 3). I recently tried out a very cool tool that is a Firefox add-on called CookiePie. I monitor several gmail web email accounts and have found this tool the best yet. If you have Firefox 3, well of course you have it, don’t you?, this will serve you well.