The Fonz is Back

The FonzThe Fonz is back and he’s cooler than ever.  According to the folks at Autoblog Green, an older and wiser Fonz is strutting his stuff in the UK in a Lexus hybrid teaching reading to the children.  What’s NOT cool about that?

Over at Gizmodo, they have a story about the Feds trying to hold up solar implementation. Write your congressman and tell him/her what you think about such nonsense. Surely with all the federal employees, they can find someone to handle this.

It’s officially official now. Mozilla Firefox 3 is a guiness book of world record for downloads in a 24hr period.

Look at the big brain on Toyota. If you can believe this, Toyota sez if you drive less, you will save gas. What a novel concept. Ya know, if Toyota would focus on their PROFITABLE line of business and make a few more Priuses, their sales wouldn’t be down. Leave the thinking to me. I’m a blogger, and that is what I’m paid to do.

And last on my list today is the FOTD (Freeware Of The Day) – GPU-Z
This is a program for you geeky types who want the lowdown and all the information that can be had for your video card and GPU. Give it a try and tell the world you are a geek. It’s about a simple a program as their is.