You have Spoken, They Have Heard

After my call to arms in yesterday’s post regarding the feds moratorium on solar power, you have spoken and they have heard.  Today the BLM lifted the silly moratorium and fired the mail room clerk who concocted such a goofy idea.

Thank you all who immediately called your congress person.  You made a difference.  Don’t forget to vote for John McCain in November. I know with your help, we can all make a difference.

Is it just me or does a paragraph with solar and John McCain seem like an oxymoron?


4 thoughts on “You have Spoken, They Have Heard

  1. I’m excited about solar. There is a tremendous amount of new solar technology in the works now that will hopefully bring prices down soon. For me, solar is still unaffordable and I’m concerned we don’t have enough sunlight even if it was affordable.

    I want to go off the grid sooooooo bad.

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