Prepare for The Cloud

My Mp3 music collection is fairly large. Over the years, I have been replacing all of my LP’s, 8-tracks, Cassettes, and CD’s with digital Mp3 which hangs out on my hard drive.

I would say about 80 percent of my music is tagged wrong so being the anal retentive geek that I am, I want all of my music to be tagged a certain way. For instance, I like all of my music to look like this:

David Gilmour – On An Island – 02 – On An Island.mp3
Artist – Album – Track# – Title

Before I re-tagged David Gilmour, it looked like this:

02 – David Gilmour On An Island .mp3
Track# – Artist – Title

Why Daunting? My music collection is over 4000 files now so it is going to take a while to shape up nearly 80% of that number. I’m preparing myself for a tag world where we will all compute in the clouds and send the folder method packing. My photo collection isn’t nearly as big so I re-tagged my photo collection in about an hour.

My photo tagging method is:
2007_02_09 brasada 001
YYYY_MM_DD Title Number

This way, when we all live in the cloud and use tags, you can query for example “2007 Brasada” or “2007”, or “Brasada” I’m preparing myself for ridding myself of my mouse and gearing up toward a more keyboard or touch type world.

Why do we use a mouse? Because Apple and Microsoft conditioned us accordingly. It’s just one more thing we don’t need to use so much. A mouse is handy for graphics programs (gimp, photoshop, et-al).

The other reason for my intent for a cloud world is speed. Think about how fast your computer would run if you didn’t have the need for all of the eye candy (icons). I’m talking command prompt! Open source Linux is slowly making it’s move. Both Microsoft and Apple understand this concept and I see them moving in the cloud direction. The mobile world is forcing them to. Desktops are slowly phasing out and being replaced by small laptops and of course mobile phone type computers. The mobile phone agenda is not really helped by having to abide by a desktop environment because of space. Navigating through a cloud is realistic and will work.

So, if you are in need of tackling your Daunting Task of re-tagging photos, files, folders, music, look no further than these two FREE applications to help you get it done:

1. For music files – Mp3Tag
2. For Photos, Files, Folders – THE Rename

Prepare for the cloud.