Rock, Paper, Scissors (Bo-Sham)

Listening to the Mark and Brian show on the way to work this morning, they interviewed last years champion of the Rock Paper Scissors (USARPS) league. In case you are bored on August 23rd this year, you will want to attend this years championship in Beijing China. Word has it that the champion from Atlanta (Emma Gay) is the top seed to win the whole enchilada.

Back in the day, me and a couple of other dudes rented a house up on Florence in Astoria. It was white in color and we called it The Whitehouse. Many parties were had in the Whitehouse. The Whitehouse came furnished with a stove but when it came time to cook, it seemed running to Macky D’s, Fultano’s or chinese, or wherever fast food could be had was way better than firing up the stove.

Of course, someone had to go get the food. This is where Rock, Paper, Scissors played a very important role in my young life. Bo-sham called it we did (my best yoda voice).

Listening to the interview this morning, Sean was quizzed about his strategy and he said it was similar to the strategy of a poker player. He even coined card playing terms.

I was pretty good back in the day at Bo-Sham. Remembering back, I think I won more than I lost. Of course, if I lost, I’d pull the “I’ll buy, you fly” phrase out. It worked sometimes, especially if the other guy didn’t have much dough.

Back in the day.


7 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors (Bo-Sham)

  1. Dude, me and Mikey B had a house on Florence. I think it was green, though. My diner of choice was the DQ right down the street. Good times – good times.

    F-ing Garibaldi!

  2. I remember your house on florence. You demonstrated your guitar playing ability by playing Godzilla on the Geetar.

    And then I had a beer.

  3. We called ours the snoopy house. It looked vaguely like snoopy’s dog house in peanuts. Someone before us had remodeled with a chainsaw so it was funky and not in the hip way. It was Portland though, ahhh back in the day, I miss back in the day. Back when me and my roommates could get free ice cream from the ice cream truck if we got the ice cream dude stoned…good times.

  4. Auntie: I was a prime time teenager during BOC days! Matt and I took typing in highschool together and the only letters I ever learned was BOC

    Denise: I have some free ice cream for you…. 😉
    Back in the day of course.

  5. fff jjj fff jjj…. .hands on the homerow. I completely forgot about that typing class. I sat right behind you I think

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