Do You Have A Secret?

I remember back when I was young.  In grade school.  I liked to read spy books.  Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, several others I can’t remember now.  I though it was cool they could send secret coded messages.  I remember me and my childhood chums making up secret codes and putting together a deciphering tool so we could send each other secret coded messages.

I wish we had personal computers back then. There is a great secret encoder website called Encoder where you can type in a message and lock it with a password. You can send the jumbled up message to a chum, give them the password and they can head over to Encoder to decipher it. My 8 year old daughter and her neighbor friend are all over Encoder.

So if you have a secret message to send, make sure to encode it using Encoder.

Are you getting excited for the newest Batman release? Me too! I was seriously hoping my Batcar would be ready in time but I may have to wait.

Affordable green housing??? Yeah, you read it right. Some ultra cool folks in the Philly area are in the process of building a leed certified (or certifiable) house for $100k. I hope we can emulate these folks and try it ourselves. It can be done and they are showing us the way.

And finally for those of you (like myself) who have been asleep the past 15 years, Czechoslovakia is no longer a country. HEAR THAT JOHN MCCAIN?? I’m just glad he brought this to my attention. I hope Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd know this information.