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Being dead was so yesterday. Well, actually, a couple of days ago. For those who didn’t get it (the dead post), I was a port commissioner for 13 years when I’d finally had enough and resigned. Long story short, I built a building on port property that a few people had a problem with and found our local paper would quote anything bad they would say about me or the building. I canceled the local paper about 2 months ago (thanks for the advice RS) and I still hear reports of my name surfacing and the same people being quoted. I really do take it with a grain of salt and sorry critics, but you won’t break me. You will never break me. You may win a few battles in your sick little worlds, but I OWN THE BIG PICTURE. I own it. I was going to quote Ezekiel before my guns start blazing but it has already been done.

Moving right along, as a construction geek (actually I’m a project manager), I’m always looking for better ways to make your life better through building. Demolition has always been a favorite part of the construction process for me.

Before I became a project manager, I worked in the field doing just about every construction job there is. Performing demolition can be an art. My favorite demolition is crushing buildings with an excavator. I still can’t believe I got paid to do it because it’s just plain fun. On the opposite side of fun is a pavement breaker (you might call it a jackhammer). Pavement breakers are not easy to use. It’s like lifting weights for 8 hours a day. The novelty wears off fast. While searching for some worthy news to post, I came across a great innovative demolition technique. Don’t go to the building, let the building come to you.

If you read my Music 2000’s post, you would know I like Radiohead. They are music geniuses and have recently created a video from their House of Cards single that does not use a camera nor film. It’s a Radiohead google project and you should definitely check it out. If you are feeling geeky, you can create your own visualization and share it on their youtube site.

One of my favorite tech dudes, Bill Mullins, has an op-ed piece in MUO about a great piece of software every geek should download (it’s free). It’s a window’s task manager on steroids. Go to the MUO site to check it out.

And finally, I have a new favorite photo editor. I still use Gimp,, and a few others but this one steals the show for simplicity and coolness. It gets 5 stars (my highest rating) for an excellent and simple to use photo editor. It’s called Photofiltre and it’s free.


3 thoughts on “Moving Right Along…

  1. The radiohead google project was awesome!!! Thanks for sharing it. Now I have to go and check out Photofiltre. Have you talked much w/Bernie?

  2. matt: i can’t wait for a budget that will allow it to be done. it looks pretty spendy but I spose if you don’t have the room for imploding, that technique will work.

    cb: haven’t talked with bernie in awhile. i need to give him a holler one of these days. if you see him, tell him i said hi. photofiltre is awesome!

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