Batman The Dark Knight

This is rounding out to be a great year in g’s favorite character movies. Let’s see, we have the recent record breaking release of Batman The Dark Knight, James Bond is back in Quantum of Solace, and g’s very favorite, the return of The X Files. I predict I’ll be doing an unprecedented 3 times to the theater this year.

Batman The Dark Knight is really the story today. The caped crusader raked in a box office record breaking $66.4 million on it’s opening day! Sweet. It’s still early but the people who talk about these things say the late Heath Ledger who stars as The Joker has put on an Oscar worthy performance. I was really sad to see Heath Ledger become late because I did enjoy his movies and him as an actor. Definitely cut short in life. I sincerely hope he gets the nod come Oscar time.

I’ve been checking out website post movie interview polls of people exiting the movie and suffice to say, this movie either meets or exceeds most viewers expectations.

I guess I better quit reading all about it and get my tail end to the movie.


8 thoughts on “Batman The Dark Knight

  1. I love him. He is the first gay Batman. See the movie. He is our gay Batman brother. I love him. Embrace him. He is so bloody handsome.

  2. Posted that too early. I believe that Heath Ledger has had the final word in portraying the Joker. No one else could follow that act. The overall movie had very few disappointments and left me completely entranced. Who needs popcorn when the movie is this satisfying?
    Michael Cain and Morgran Freeman were great, also. Even Bale did well.

  3. kudos to the makers Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend… it’s no wonder there’s talk of another one coming out ASAP

  4. the dark knight dint satisfy my logical self ,i mean where were the police when he planted a cellphone in his inmates belly,
    Where the hell where police when those two ships were panted with bombs its common sense to have security at ships when you are shifting the whole town in those…this things were not explained well in the movie otherwise it was good.

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