Wind America

In an earlier post, the Irish were doing cool things with turbines.  Today it’s America’s turn.  According to an article in Science Daily, the good people in Rock Port Missouri have taken energy into their own hands and created a wind farm to furnish their power needs.  Sweet!

For those of you in the I love Free Speech arena, you need to follow what’s happening at the blog covering the Memphis police. Talk about a thorn in the side. I’m pretty stoked about it because Dirk Diggler is involved.

Mr. T is back. Betchyadidn’tknowthat. After the reality of the A-Team not making a comeback and having to admit Rocky will beat him up every time, the man who wears gold decided his next best option is to be the star of a Snicker’s commercial. It seems the title “Get Some Nuts” has the gay community a little riled. I pity the fool.

And, last but not least is my much anticipated Batman – The Dark Knight review.

The plot – Superb. It had nice flow and pretty much never a dull moment. Great action.
Batman – So/so. The “Batman voice” has to go. It’s a little annoying to me.
Joker – Words can’t describe this performance. Definitely THE reason to watch this show!
Two Face – So/so.
Gary Oldman – Not his best performance. I would equate it to Lost in Space.

My general opinion is Batman was not the star here. He was eclipsed by the Joker which in superhero movies isn’t usually the case. Heath Ledger’s performance is one of the darkest, funniest, and definitely creepiest performances I have ever seen. I am sure he will get the nod for an Oscar come that time. A definite go see it movie!