Profit Should Be Relative but…

My arch enemy in the war on gas, Exxon’s latest quarterly earnings are a whopping $11.68 Billion or $1500 per second.

This got me thinking.  Some people don’t even make that much in an hour.


2 thoughts on “Profit Should Be Relative but…

  1. I just have to wonder, how much some people need? And what will they do with it all? And don’t they have any consciences? I think you’d have to be a sociopath to want to amass like that, knowing how it is making other suffer.

  2. Big corporations aren’t sociopaths. They’re banks.
    What’s sad about Exxon is they’re more of a bank than a fuel company. Compare their windfall profits to their research and development and you will find they spend very little on R&D.

    That is what’s sad to me. Bunch of old misers waiting to retire.

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