Too Many Deadlines This Week

This has been a busy week and blogging just aint gonna happen (this week).

I just started a new project high on the hill in Hood River for a client and will be there all winter and then some. One of the upcoming projects is a new swimming pool with a retractable roof! I do like these kind of projects.

Not to worry though, I am, in my spare time,??? working on a new “page” for my blog that will list all of the highly rated “g” Freeware. Also putting together a page to list all of the highly rated “g” CLOUD computing links.

Keep checking in. I’ll be baaaaaaaack.


2 thoughts on “Too Many Deadlines This Week

  1. I hear you G, I’ve got no fewer than 7 projects in design phase, 4 in construction. Brother, I’m swamped! Not much time for me to blog, neither.

    Good luck with that pool!

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