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The browser wars are getting interesting.  According to the Google Blog, tomorrow they will launch their new browser – Google Chrome. I also find it interesting they have decided to provide their explanation of the browser via a comic.

I can’t wait.


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  1. i’m currently “test-driving” Chrome to see if it’s really that much faster than either Firefox or IE… in any case it will most likely be FireFox that is hardest hit by Chrome’s release

  2. I’m commenting from Chrome now. My home ‘puter is a pentium4, 500mb ram and is tweaked for speed (as much as you can with a 5 year old machine).

    I have noticed it renders websites faster but that’s about as far as my 5 minute test drive so far has noticed.

    So far I like it. It’s very simple to use. It loaded all my firefox bookmarks in about one second.

    More comments as I discover more.

  3. Well, that didn’t take long.

    It aint no Firefox, that’s for sure. I realize Chrome is still an infant but for now I’m going to have to pass until it can mimic or utilize the FF addons I can’t live without:
    1. Delicious
    2. I.E converter
    3. WOT
    4. Email This
    5. Gmail Manager

    I did a test and loaded some slow loading (ad loaded) websites (like Inhabitat). Chrome was unable to render the page any faster than FF imho.

    I think Chrome has a bright future ahead of it once the addons start to flow. I’m a huge google fan and think Chrome will be at the forefront of cloud computing someday.

    After all, it’s Google!

    My parting shot is stick with Firefox for now. But keep a close eye on Google Chrome.

  4. I think I know those people in the Chrome comic (which I hope gets made into a movie someday)

    Back when I was going to O’hare Catholic School in Eugene I had CPR training in the 8th grade. In those days the pulmonary resuscitation, mouth to mouth and chest pounding etc. was all done on plastic people called D U M M I E S.

    The girl was always in high demand. I just wanted to get it over with so I isopropyled up and performed mouth to mouth resuckitation on the dude dummy.

    To this day I dont want to have save anybody because I didn really capture the concepts involved. It was just too much too soon know what I mean?

  5. j: i think i remember seeing that dummy hidden under your bed in the dorm daze…

    if i remember right, you and “dummy” attacked my bed ladder.

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