Nifty Jack

I love to drive.  I’m one of those dudes who will pack the family in the car and just go.  No place in mind, no destination, just the journey. A couple weekends ago, I had a mid morning meeting in Hood River so I decided a journey must be in order so I piled my tent and my eldest daughter in the car to go along with me. We ended up at Oregon’s best kept secret hot springs camping area which I’ve been visiting since I was about 7 years old. It’s a place where there are no phones, no outside connections to contend with. Just the old hotsprings and nice (but limited) camping area.

This year the owner was there (usually he has a caretaker on site) so he, my daughter and myself piled into his van and headed in search of a quartz mine. We drove up in the hills for hours in 90 degree heat (no ac in the van) in search of the mine. To no avail. Regardless of not finding the mine, we all had a great time – my daughter found a few treasures of granite.

On the way back down the mountain, we got a flat. One thing I’ve done alot of (since I like to drive) is change flats. The one thing I hate about changing flats (besides the spare being flat also) is goofing around with the darn jack. I need one of these. I’m serious as a flat tire. This is the coolest idea for a jack that I’ve ever seen. I suspect many will be sold.

Anyway, long story short, we changed the flat with the van jack and were on our way.


5 thoughts on “Nifty Jack

  1. That jack is a powerful tool, G.

    In fact I wonder what else it will do. Im thinking it will get me out of bed in the morning. Hell it might even make me scrambled eggs.

    I think this jack opens up a new realm of practical joking too.

  2. J: I want one. I’m just gonna go around and try it out on people’s vehicles that are left running. I think my slogan will be “turn off your engine and save the planet. or else.”

    maybe that slogan is too long. ah, forget the slogan. i’m just gonna jack vehicles up.

  3. denise: nope but i’ve been there. i’m way farther east and south of pendleton. ‘member, it’s a secret!

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