Renewable News Links

Some excellent news on the renewable front you renewable types should be aware of.

From KATU is news of a 12 year old little dude from Beaverton who lined his pockets with $25k for a possible and very probable invention of a new solar technology. Way to go little Beaverton dude.

Ok, Ok. But where are we going to store all of this renewable energy for when we need it??? Glad you asked. One of my nightly visits is (of course) Science Daily which has a piece on a breakthrough new type of carbon cell that seeks to store major amounts of energy.

Across the drink in jolly old england, the cool studiers of wave technology at Oxford have come up with an interesting way of harnessing the wave. They’re not even using surfboards.


10 thoughts on “Renewable News Links

  1. Hey G, this is bad news for you and your homestead i imagine. I hope the federal criminals dont try to eminent domain you. Its bad enough that you will have to look at it every day if the state doesnt stop it.

    No means No motherfreakers.

  2. There finally fixing my apartments! Are you in on that? I see work crews every morning and every morning I think, “Huh, I wonder if one of them is my crazy world of G man.”
    jus sayin’

  3. gravityF: it’s a gas! ya see, it’s like a train rollin’ down the tracks. yer either onnit or yer not.

    denise: i’m not one of the dudes doing the work but i am the one running the show (or rather, if someone ain’t happy, i’m the one who figgers out how to keep the peace). yup, it’s none other. i’ll be checking on ’em tues ’bout 8am. say hi if you are around. if any of ’em piss you off, tell ’em g’s coming to kick some tail on your account. gotta take care of my fellow bloggers ya know!

  4. But G- I lack a Floyd quote for every occasion and now the federal government is totally out of control and its IN YOUR BACKYARD.

    What should I do?


  5. gravity: in my backyard literally. as the crow flies about 2 miles. you can’t relax on both sides of the tracks.

  6. How long did you know about this? Im hoping you already knew about it and have a plan.

  7. denise: groovy eh? it’s what i would have looked like had i graduated hs in 1976. i found a website to alter my hair doo. i lost the link but will try to find it again and post it.

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