In all of my job files, I always have a “Misc.” folder. Seems there’s always something that doesn’t quite fit into my other labeled categories.

Today, is Misc. day. I have some things to post that don’t quite fit into a category.

First up is a great new program I tried out called Locate32 which is a file finding concern. I’ve tried several search programs over the past year to replace the microsoft “search” program but none that I’ve tried were really any faster and seemed to consume system resources. Locate32 is SCREAMING fast. It has a built in update engine that screams through your system to log everything and then the main program uses that database to find what you are looking for. If you have a bunch of stuff on your computer and a hierarchy of various folders and files and want to find something that is buried, this is your program! This is one of the best finds in quite a while.

It seems the push is on for nuclear energy again. Ever thought about a reactor in your back yard? Well these folks have just the product for you. Become your own energy company and charge your neighbors. Infact, the power that comes with these baby’s could light up your town. Check it out.


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  1. Wow. That just boggles my mind. I’m sure there’s alot of nay-sayers who will try to get the project stopped. But it seems like we are getting closer to the future the sci-fi boys told us about. I wonder what the final price tag on one of those units will finally be?

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