The Alive Zone Deadness

Glow – To shine brightly and steadily.
Bull – A gross blunder in logical speech or expression.
Global – Of, relating to, or involving the entire earth; worldwide.

Our fish are dying, our fish are living. According to a new study, you need not be askeered anymore of coastal dead zones. They are actually now considered very much alive. Some smart chap decided to be a contrarian and study what is alive in “dead zones”. I think the results will unaskeer you.

On the growing algae front, the limey bastads down under are at it again. This time a “retired group” has figured out how to produce commercially viable biodiesel from, you guessed it, algae. Any venture capitalists out there?

Can you say “Instant”? Microsoft is asking folks if instant on is important. I’ve been voting a resounding YES all day. Microsoft, this is intel, Intel, this is microsoft. You two should talk.

On a personal front, I’ve spent the past 3 days in Wasilla looking at an upcoming job for one of our clients. I’ve never been to Alaska before. I’m not sure what it looks like as it snowed the whole time I was there. At this point I can’t recommend or suggest otherwise that you visit. If you like 25 degrees and snow, you should go. If not, don’t.


4 thoughts on “The Alive Zone Deadness

  1. Oh yes, it must be way past “termination dust” time in the state of AK.

    Did you get a glimpse of that damn Palin woman?

  2. i did get a glimpse of Palin. she is everywhere.
    it was nice going to nobama.
    that comment almost sounds poilitcal.

  3. The wife and I spent four years in Fairbanks Alaska. We loved it there. Of course, winters were pretty harsh (avg temp -40) but the summers more than made up for it. You need to know how to keep yourself amused in the winter and to have plenty of patience. If I could afford it, we’d go back. But then, if we could afford it, we’d be back in Oregon.

  4. Re: Can you say “Instant”?
    By now we should have computers that follow us around 24/7 and all you have to do is ask them questions and they should have the answers. I am so disappointed in todays technology.

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