Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

I’m surprised it took this long for the research to be complete.  Let’s just say I’ve had a hunch for a long period of time about who’s opinion matters and who’s doesn’t.

So next time you are talking to me and voicing your opinion. I might be nodding my head yes so as not to openly offend you but I might be shaking my head no in my mind thinking you are probably part of the 38% crowd.

So this has me thinking. The study that was done. Obviously it is an opinion.

You make the call.


4 thoughts on “Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

  1. LOL! I’d forgotten all about The Onion! Didn’t even know they had a website. And I agree totally. Most of these rubes aren’t entitled t their opinions. Probably 99% of DC should be disenfranchised as well. In my own little solipsist world I am the only person qualified to run this planet.

  2. I love The Onion. If you read the articles from the Daily A as if they were actually out of The Onion it makes for a much more entertaining paper.

  3. matt: if ozzy sez it, it must be true. even if i can’t understand what he is saying.

    darev: LOL! we’ll have to agree to live in parallel worlds because i’m the czar of mine 😉

    cb: the daily a is good for the obits. that’s about it for me. you gize at NCO are great at keeping me up to speed on the local happenins. keep up the good work. i love the onion too!

    vote for joe the plumber.

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