I recently (with the help of my favorite dad and mom ‘inlaws) installed a Lopi fireplace insert.

Last year, was the first year I decided to start burning wood to heat the house. I am amazed at the efficiency of the insert compared to just burning in an open fireplace.

Last winter, (with the help of my brother in law) I managed to cut and stack about 4 cords of wood for this winter. Not quite through October and I’ve burned about a 1/4 cord so far. Man, what a difference. The efficiency factor is amazing. When I was burning in the open fireplace, I’d burn about 4 to 5 logs an hour. With the Lopi, I burn 1-2 logs per hour. It’s especially nice because I can throw 3 or so logs on before I go to bed and can get up in the morning and throw a couple more logs on and they fire right up.

I’ve been experimenting with several kinds of wood. Maple, Cherry, Alder, Pine, and Spruce. I’ve come to the conclusion that Spruce is the best with Maple a close second. The Spruce burns longer and just as hot as the Maple imho.

What is your favorite wood to burn? (We have a new poll feature here at WordPress) Yay!


7 thoughts on “Wood

  1. I have always loved how people across the river (and maybe here) say they are going out for the day to “make wood.”

    My dad used to say “only God and Fins can make wood” he he he.

  2. matt: ??

    guy: i forgot about oak. i’ve heard it burns nicely.

    auntie: making wood is a chore!!

  3. About 15 years ago when we first moved to Mizzery we rented a place and the landlord gave me a rank of wood that was stacked outside the door, all in slabs unsplit. After many a long hour and losing several tools inside the wood I discovered that it is very nearly impossible to split elm and it stinks when you do burn it. I threw the wood off to the other side of the property and bought some oak and was very happy thereafter. Being born in the city has some disadvantages.

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