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As a faithful follower of the sun, some more encouraging solar news coming from MIT. A huge breakthrough in solar technology has happened again. This particular breakthrough is encouraging and could put us off the grid in 10 years. We shall see.

I’ve made my point about the recent bailout. I think it sucks. After you read this article from the NYT, I think you will think the bailout sucks too.

If we can bailout all of wall street, why can’t we build a freakin car that gets 100 mpg? Did you know that these cars are being produced now but won’t go mainstream because they are too expensive to build??? Whaaat? Here’s yet another car that won’t be rolled out anytime soon.

From the “I Want” department, a 4 door Tesla sedan all electric vehicle. I’m a family man you know.

I know you are asking. But g, where do you plan on charging your new Tesla 4 door sedan?
Australia of course.


One thought on “News U Can Use

  1. I love the cars and want one, but who can afford $60,000 for a car? The only people who will be able to afford electric cars for the next ten years are people who can afford gasoline. There are electric cars available here right now but they are around $15,000 and the batteries are only good for two years and it will cost the same to replace the batteries as it does to buy a new car. What we need is a quantum breakthrough in storage batteries.

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