Blow Up The Outside World

Trying a new way to post video.
Relatively new wordpress feature with something other than youtube.
I can’t help it that I REALLY like this song.
And I REALLY like to play it loud.
You should try it.
Thank you for you patience.

FYI – MTVmusic online now has it’s full collection of videos available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 thoughts on “Blow Up The Outside World

  1. I liked the song when you first mentioned it. I still like it. Makes me want to try posting video on my blog but there are very few good prison music videos that I would even countenance putting up on my site. And alot of the just plain music I like produced some horrible videos. Watch some of Jethro Tulls videos some day. The music is great, the vids are awful.

  2. Great song but that video is timeless. Notice that it doesnt really have any 90’s stuff in it. At least I dont see any dumb plaid shirts or references to the Berlin wall.

    Pretty cool.

    Makes me want to blow up the outside world again it does.

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