Don’t Blow Up The Dams…Yet

While reading through one of my nightly news sites – Science Daily, I stumbled upon a very interesting article regarding salmon living in rivers with dams and without.  The nutshell version is salmon thrive in both and the study could not reveal that dams make a difference.  Another one of those hunches I always had.  My other hunch is global warming is not due to man but is a naturally occuring phenomena.  I have other hunches too but I need something to blog about in the future.

One of my newer cool places to get news is Daily Tech. According to this article, California company SCE will be installing a 909 Megawatt windfarm in Gillium and Morrow Counties (in Oregon). That’s a lot of megawatts. To my knowledge, this will be Oregon’s largest windfarm.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Blow Up The Dams…Yet

  1. matt: when i was in college, i took an engineering class and we took a field trip to bonneville dam and got to go all the way to the bottom. we got to view one of the turbine chambers (not in use at the time). One word for that experience – AWESOME.

    Another “dam” story – I actually got to build a dam in Oklahoma back in the early 80’s – def lepperd pyromania – called the Mcgee Creek Dam. I was 15 and it was my introduction to the world of construction. check it out at:

    I too love a good dam! Hope to build another some day.

  2. If you think building them is fun, you haven’t lived till you’ve blown one sky high! But seriously G, the study I saw in Science News did not seem all that comprehensive. Lot of variables in a salmons world. One things for sure, big precipitation years help and those dam fish friendly improvements don’t hurt. Glad to see the Snake river fish mounting a comeback after being virtually written off though.

  3. g, I remember you moving to Oklahoma. You left a rocker and came back a country fan. I worked for the Corps of Engineers for a couple of years, saw the guts of several massive dams including Bonneville – truly impressive structures.

  4. The truth is, we don’t have the slightest clue how wildlife are affected by almost anything except being hunted to extermination. Read Michael Chrichtons book “State of Fear”. It has some interesting things to say about that and about global warming. It was an eye-opener.

  5. jpc: i got to hang out with a few demolitions when in oklahoma. the bomb guy had one eye and shook. prior to building the dam, there was quite a bit of earthwork to prep the site. blowing up shale was part of it. very true. i am generalizing salmon recovery and know there are MANY variables. my take has always been that dams are NOT respsonsible (entirely) for the degradation of salmon and that the climate plays a bigger role (ocean conditions). Which gets me to what i think is MAJOR BS and part of a political agenda to stop logging – streambed enhancement in the name of salmon.

    matt: i have The Mavericks playing now.

    Darev: Get a clue! 😉

  6. I guess I wasn’t too clear. What I meant was every time we try to “manage” wildlife, it usually ends up making things worse. Not that I espoused extinction. We really DON’T have a clue how it works yet. SOme things are better, some are total disasters.
    As for blowing things up, I’m all over that.

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