The Most Important Election….Ever

My good buddy Scott (shown in the picture throwing the beershoe thingy) will stop at nothing to rise to the top in an ESPN poll. I recently was emailed with the most important election in Scott’s life. For those of you who don’t know Scott, he invented one of the most important drinking games that many college age students play on a routine basis. It’s called Beershoes. For those of you who are not familiar with this game, please google “beershoes” and there will be many links to help you familiarize yourself with this important game. CNN recently graded this game a B+. hosted a writeup from Scott about the game.

Below is the email and link you should visit and help Scott win this election.


ESPN, College Gameday has selected a picture of our UW tailgater as a finalist in the Tailgate Traditions Contest. presented by Home Depot.

You have to vote for one in each bracket and be completed in order to submit…..ours in the “Scott L” going up against “Will H” in the first round.

Please forward this on to EVERYONE you know, especailly those that have tailgated and know the beauty of the game of Beershoes!