THE Moment In History

What is the most important day in history in your life time?

Maybe it was 9/11.
Maybe it was the dot com bursting of the bubble.
The Iran hostage situation?
The Astronauts and their trophy wives?
For you geezers, maybe the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

Not me. No way, no how.

For me it was the most important inaugural event in history.
The launch of the single most important cable tv event in history.
MTV and the first video ever – The Buggles and Video Killed The Radio Star

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14 thoughts on “THE Moment In History

  1. auntie: it’s not easy being young!
    i thought i’d get uncle walt’s attention with the declaration of independence 🙂

  2. matt: i didn’t know you weren’t a rocker. you must have been on a hippie trail head full of zombie.

  3. ..For you geezers, maybe the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

    Almost, but not quite.

    I was, ahem, too old for Mtv when it started..unless I’d surf thru there and catch that freaky Nina Blackwood– rememberin wonderin what her thing was with that uber laid back Vegas vampire hooker on Qualudes routine-Man, we’d come along way in telekiddyvisionland.
    From Wanda Wanda, Sherry Lewis, June Cleaver, and Aunt Bea to Nina Blackwood… Was she really that relaxed zoned out wasted or was that an act? I mean, she was damn near comatose I remember. A real gurney queen…… There was another fem MTVJ named ,shit..cant remember…cute brunette….big, and I mean BIG fat beautiful stop you dead in your tracks baby blues…Martha? I think it was Martha Something… now she was fine as wine.
    I dunno, if a 30 year old had a list of things to do in life I suppose Martha would’a been on mine, but I’m telling anyone who reads this, with all my honesty and regret, our paths never crossed.

    Seriously, if you wanna talk big deals, the June of ’59 fight when Ingemar Johannsson turned the champ Floyd Patterson’s lights out in the only three rounds to take the Heavyweight Championship home to Sweden. That was huge major cultural juju on the heavily Scandinavian population of the north coast back in those days. The old timers partied hard for a couple’a days on that one. I dont remember seeing anyone whoop, holler and get drunk for two or three days when MTV came on in Clatsop County, but they definitely did when Ingemar put Floyd away…all that craziness and the ’60s hadnt even started yet

  4. Hannes, That’s Martha Quinn. Oh my gosh, if I was in a room with Mary Anne and Martha Quinn, I honestly wouldn’t be able to decide. She was my favorite also.

  5. hannes: MQ was hot! Being a blonde guy, i preferred Nina B. I saw her on the tube about 6 mnths ago and she has definitely aged. MQ aged better. My parents got married in ’62 so consequently, i missed the fight!

  6. Well, I missed seeing the Johannson-Patterson fight by just a couple of years, but I do remember staying home from school to watch Neil Armstrong land on the moon. I remember watching the very first (!) Superbowl. I remember watching the war in Vietnam on teevee. I remember Captain kangaroo. I remeber the premier of MTV as well. And I thought “This could turn into something cool.” It was cool for awhile. Now it isn’t diddly.

    P.S. Martha Quinn was a major hottie. I’d take her and Mary Anne both. I aint too old for that yet!

  7. darev: if by chance you land MQ or Mary Anne, DON’T tell her the story about the guy chokin’ his chicken! 🙂

  8. I do remember staying home from school to watch Neil Armstrong land on the moon.

    Not doubting your childhood memories there, Darev, but if I recall correctly, the first moonlanding was in the middle of July when most schools are on summer break…

  9. Hannes: July 20, 1969, to be exact. I was in summer school. I think everybody missed that day. I was torn because it was my first summer school and I was excited to be there bit I couldn’t miss the big event either….

    g: If I score on either one, I’ll let you know. But you can’t tell that story either. Deal?

  10. >>Darev Says:…..I was in summer school>>

    Jeez, Im sorry. I’ve heard of “summer school”, but never knew anyone who actually went. You must’a had a mean mom and dad…..

  11. Hannes: Back then I was a school geek and wanted to go to summer school. It was an exciting thing and gave me access to a library that was only two blocks from my house. Being closer to a library was a good thing back then since I read an average of two books a day.

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