Freeware Update

Xrecode – Converts audio files. Has a much simpler user interface than mediacoder and it works well for recoding audio files of any type. This program excels at splitting (for instance) a single file album into single songs. In my case, I downloaded a single .ape file that had a whole album. I used Xrecode to split it into single songs. Highly recommend.

Sharepod – Finally a simple program to replace “iTunes”. iTunes used to be the only thing that worked well for the ipod but the program is bloated and annoying. Sharepod is very simple and straight forward to use. Dear iTunes, take a hint that your UI sucks.

Jodix iPOD Converter – Converts most video formats to iPod format. Highly Recommend.

Picasa3 Image Viewer – Since I use Picasa3 to organize all of my digital photos, the latest release of Picasa now incorporates a nice snappy (quick) image viewer which was not available in Picasa2. Highly recommend.


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