Face In A Hole

One of my favorite breakfasts is egg in a hole. You simply fry an egg inside a piece of bread that you remove the center (hole shaped). Yum!

I don’t like it but I’m in a hole right now. It’s the economy and then some.

What’s left you might ask? Face In A Hole of course. Thanks to the excellent research at the Make Use Of site, you too can plug your digital picture faces into the hundreds of blank templates. It’s very easy and kids love it. I admit I had a little fun too…

A couple of my favorite port commissioners:

Mr. “Floyd” Incredible:

Bozo “Phund”

Yes guys, you can take everything I own but you can’t have my humor.

Face In A Hole via [MakeUseOf]


2 thoughts on “Face In A Hole

  1. auntie: thanks for the correction. i read a book in a psychology class in college (can’t remember the name) but it said, and i’ll never forget, to never hold a grudge against someone, just refer to them as your own death. perhaps i’m just blocking his name because my mind won’t allow me to focus on it. regardless, he’s my own death.

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