For you 24 fans, get ready to tune in to Fox on November 23rd for the “prequel” which bridges the gap between seasons. 24 officially premiers on January 11th. This is my favorite tv show and thanks to the writers strike, I’ve had to wait out a whole season 24-less.

For those of you who need a 24 primer, go HERE

Do you have problems with playback of media files? I did recently and downloaded some new software called K-Lite Codec’s. I had some problems with some of the download sites (too slowwww) and found a good place at FileHippo. Go HERE to download K-Lite. On the same note, I had to install twice because I didn’t first uninstall the codec’s that I had. Once I loaded K-Lite, I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall K-Lite, then reinstalled K-Lite. Worked like a charm.


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