Sometimes You Just Get It

Was watching the tube tonight and a person asked, “why do the banks get bailed out but not the auto companies?”

The person fielding the questions went into some long drawn out complicated-for-some reason.

I thought to myself, the reason is simple. The banks are in the business of selling money. Car makers are in the business of selling cars. Obviously there is a shortage of money.



3 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Get It

  1. OG: i couldn’t get to the computer fast enough when it came to me! one of those thoughts i didn’t want to lose.

  2. I used to write notes like that on the inside of my left arm. It annoyed my wife so much I went ahead and got a tattoo there so I’d quit.
    Of course, if the banks failed, the country would be in ruins. But all of our cars are made in mexico and japan so who cares about them, anyway? They don’t seem to realize how tightly the two are tied together. I think it will be interesting to watch how they try to solve this and what the outcome will be. Personally, I’d love to see everything we use being made here. But that will never happen.

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